Our family has been shooting muzzleloaders since the early '80s, I have also operated a small gun repair shop for three years now. My father and I tried many different products on the market to lube our patches. We had little success as each one seemed to fix one issue, but other issues remained. We gradually developed our own lube and adjusted the recipe to use all year. Our lube allowed us to season our barrels and with each use we could see improved performance while shooting black powder. Improvements would gradually improve from two or three shots of smooth loading before using a seasoning patch to over twenty shots on some guns before we would experience any fouling issues that affected accuracy. We gradually began using our seasoning patches to store the gun between shooting as well. Our lube is an all natural, non-toxic recipe with a beeswax base. After many fellow shooters have tried our patches and requested that we start selling them, we are finally doing it. We hope by adding other items that we make and featuring other local craftsmen along with their products, we will be successful.